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The table below presents an extract from this database index. If the authors/working groups have not provided metadata for their project, it will appear under the name of the person who imported it. This will of course be corrected as soon as the project metadata is received.


frHydromed_Monde grec orientalLuca Banchetti219218-50014Database on hydraulics layouts in the Eastern Greek world (for the moment, Délos, Albania, Alexandria) as part of the Hydromed project.
frMischka_2007Lizzie Scholtus2622747-65001789Région de Fribourg
frLeidenLaurie Cormier7170-800-620Synthesis of the Early Iron Age (Ha C) elite graves in France, based on graves goods (presence of a sword, metal vessels, wagon or horse gear). Informations on the funerary treatment (burial, cremation) and architecture (presence or not of a mound). Grave and objects scale.
frRoscio 2011Laurie Cormier57201558-1350-1051Database issued from a PhD on the beginning of the Early Iron Age between the Parisian basin and Swabian Jura. The data is sorted by sites and graves, with a more precise description in the comments.
frTumulus Haguenau BrumathRémy Wassong765764-2200449En cours
frrosciodebugLoup Bernard57201558-1350-1051M. Roscio's PHD database
frArchéométallurgie des bronzes hallstattiensLaurie Cormier142141-725-461This database is issued from a two-years post-doctorat which started in October 2014, financed by the F. Thyssen foundation and hosted by the RP Stuttgart, on the Early Iron Age bronze archaeometallurgy in the Upper Rhine Valley. The elementary composition of 64 regional ring ornaments and 3 metallurgical remains has been conducted in collaboration with B. Mille, in the C2RMF, using the PIXE method. The results of this study have been published in the following article: L. Tremblay Cormier / B. Mille, Étude archéométallurgique de parures hallstattiennes en alliage cuivreux du Rhin supérieur. Bulletin de la Société Préhistorique Française 2016, 113/4, 785-808.
frSchmid_Merkl_2012Lizzie Scholtus1917948-65001789Inventaire des dépôts dans la vallée du Rhin
frLanguedoc ProtohistoriqueLoup Bernard200199-300-1Base de F. Olmer, R. Roure, R. Bohbot 2012
esEdad del Hierro en Euskadi (L. Valdes)Eneko Hiriart5543-18001492
frProvence_Fer_Bernard2003Loup Bernard196195-800-1being translated for version 4
frSchmidt_2012_ReferenzgebietLizzie Scholtus25981757-6500799Sites d'habitats et funéraires dans la vallée du Rhin
frHydromed_EspagneLuca Banchetti130128-100014Data base on hydraulics layouts of the first millenium BC for the HYDROMED project.
enTEST_UKCharlène Morel1812-260449
frAtlas des Sites du Proche-Orient (ASPRO)Jean-Philippe Droux32381783-16300-4201ASPRO is a database including about 2000 Near East archeological sites occupied between 16 000 and 4 200 BC.
frHydromed_Gaule méridionaleLuca Banchetti174173-60014Data base on hydraulics layouts in Southern Gaule during the first millenium BC for the HYDROMED project.
frHydromed_ Monde grec orientalLuca Banchetti114113-50014Data base of hydraulics layouts in cities of oriental greek world for the Hydromed project.
frHydromed_SicileLuca Banchetti306304-80014Data base of hydraulics layouts in Sicilia for project HYDROMED directed by Sophie Bouffier
frMurgersLoup Bernard3837indéterminéindéterminéD. Schwartz list of "murgers/Steinrudel" in Alsace. Each point is an ensemble of features
frHabitats_Ruraux_HAD2-LTC1Charlène Morel289170-620-201Muriel Roth-Zehner's database displaying the settlements in the Rhine valley between the Hallstatt D2 and the La Tène C1 periods.
frHabitats_BF3-AugCharlène Morel527476-90036habitats du Bronze final IIIb/Hallstatt C à La Tène D2b/augustéen
Base de Muriel Roth-Zehner
frHabitats_LTC2-AugustéenCharlène Morel7047-20036Muriel Roth-Zehner's database about the settlements in the Rhine valley between La Tène C2 and the Augustean Period.
frAlsace archéologiqueJean-Philippe Droux - Loup Bernard6428-13501789from the book : L'Archéologie en Alsace Association pour le promotion de la recherche archéologique en Alsace : sous la dir. de Geneviève Daud, Monique Voegtlin, Christian Jeunesse, Christian Voegtlin Association pour la promotion de la recherche archéologique en Alsace, 1991 183 p.- 4 p. de pl. en coul. , ill. , 30 cm. Cahiers de l'Association pour la promotion de la recherche archéologique en Alsace
frSchneider-2013Charlène Morel120108-65002016Analyses des sols et des formations superficielles.
Base créée par N. Schneider, INRAP
frALISACharlène Morel438132indéterminéindéterminéSoils and surface geological analysis by Martine Trautmann from EOST, UMS830, CNRS/UdS.
frCMOREL_BDD_Master_v4Charlène Morel417160-65001491fert
frSuisse_habitats_CarrardLoup Bernard261244-800449Sites (et plus particulièrement habitats) du second âge du Fer en Suisse (base de données de Fr. Carrard).
frWallanlagen_KarlsruheLoup Bernard19551-65002016Hillforts around Karlsruhe, from the book :
Christoph Morrissey, Dieter Müller mit Beiträgen von Günther Wieland
Vor- und frühgeschichtliche Befestigungen 27. Wallanlagen im Regierungsbezirk Karlsruhe
ISBN: 978-3-8062-2790-1
frGlas_Wagner_2006Loup Bernard220145-800449Base issue de l'ouvrage de Heiko Wagner : Glasschmuck der Mittel- und Spätlatènezeit am Oberrhein und den angrenzenden Gebieten (= Ausgrabungen und Forschungen. Bd. 1). Greiner, Remshalden 2006, ISBN 3-935383-02-9 (Zugleich: Freiburg (Breisgau), Universität, Dissertation, 1998).
frHoffmann_2007Charlène Morel428254-65002016G. Hoffmann, Spuren Früher Zeiten, Funde und Fundstatten im Landkreis Rastatt, Verlag Regionalkultur, 2007.
frEpavesPhilippe Jullien10631062-3001600Embarcation sea
esL_ValdesEneko Hiriart5543-18001492hillforts
frFunde und Fundstatten im Landkreis RastattLoup Bernard383254-65002016transcription de l'ouvrage :
G. Hoffmann, Spuren Früher Zeiten, Funde und Fundstatten im Landkreis Rastatt, Verlag Regionalkultur, 2007.
prospections, découvertes et sites dans le canton de Rastatt (BdW)
deHoehensiedlungen BdWLoup Bernard122110-800-26Iron age sites from the Baden-Württemberg, PHD Loup BERNARD 2003
frHYDRΩMED Hydraulique en SicileLoup Bernard309295-80114Base de travail de l'ANR HYDRΩMED
frMusée Saint-Dié et VosgesLoup Bernard7877-6500799inventaire partiel des petits objets du musée de St-Dié