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LangNameAuthorsSubjects, Key-wordsTypeLinesSitesScaleStartEndStateCoverageLicenseDescription
frSites fortifiés et de hauteur Néo/Proto du JuraJean-Baptiste CAVERNEEnceinte, éperon barré, Néolithique, ProtohistoireBook's transcript8382Site-4500-26In progressCountryCC-BY-NCDistribution of pre-and protohistoric fortified and high sites in the Jura massif and its surroundings
frCultuel Provence Âge du fer DelphineJean-Philippe Droux - Loup Bernard - Delphine IsoardiCultuel Provence Âge du fer DelphineResearch12279Site-125013In progressCountryCC-BY-NC-SACultuel Provence Âge du fer Delphine
frFunéraire Provence Âge du Fer DelphineJean-Philippe Droux - Loup Bernard - Delphine IsoardiFunéraire Provence Âge du FerResearch117116Site-180030In progressCountryCC-BY-NC-SAFunéraire Provence Âge du Fer
frHabitat fer Provence DelphineJean-Philippe Droux - Loup Bernard - Delphine IsoardiHabitat, enceinte, Provence, Âge du FerResearch369183Site-45013In progressCountryCC-BY-NC-SAHabitat, enceinte, Provence, Âge du Fer
frSources MATPREM Perles AntillesAlain QueffelecLithiqueInventory6867SiteundeterminedundeterminedIn progressWorldCC-BY-NCPotential gites as raw material of pearls of the Caribbean
frtest mobilier CCE AlsaceLoup Bernard - Agathe MULOTtest mobilier CCE AlsaceInventory43Site-1251492In progressCountryCC-BY-NCtest mobilier CCE Alsace
frtestpapyiriLoup Bernardegypte paryiri papyri.infoResearch32Object8889In progressCountryCC-BY-NCegypte paryiri
frtestchateauxLoup Bernardchateaux alsace wikiResearch76Site1009undeterminedIn progressCountryCC-BY-NCchateaux alsace wiki
frRituel habitat âge du Fer(Vosges Forêt-Noire)Jean-Philippe DrouxRituel symbolique habitat âge du Fer Vosges Forêt-NoireResearch780392Site-2200449FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAInventaire du potentiel symbolique et rituel dans l'habitat de l'âge du Fer entre Vosges et Forêt-Noire, 2 volumes, mémoire de Master sous la direction de Bernard (L), Université de Strasbourg, 2013
frStolpersteineLoup Bernard progressContinentCC-BY-NC-SA Stolpersteine, test en cours
frADAB_2011_SudJean-Philippe DrouxAdab sudInventory15941590Site-30000001999In progressCountryCC-BY-NC-SAIn der Datenbank ADABweb sind im Sommer 2009 rund 170.000 Objekte der Archäologie und der Bau- und Kunstgeschichte eingetragen. Der Erfassungsstand variiert in den einzelnen Landkreisen. Kombiniert werden die Kulturdenkmale mit den Daten der Automatischen Liegenschaftskarte, topographischen Karten in unterschiedlichen Maßstäben, landesweiten Orthofotos der Landesvermessung, den so genannten Urnummernkarten, das heißt den ersten Flurkarten aus dem 19. Jahrhundert, die zurzeit digitalisiert werden. Auch externe Datenquellen können per WMS/WFS eingebunden und visualisiert werden. Außerdem sind mehr als 40.000 digitalisierte Pläne und Gebäudegrundrisse aus dem Planarchiv der Denkmalpflege digital recherchierbar. Seit Februar 2009 werden sukzessive die Bilder des Luftbildarchivs des Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege digitalisiert und im Kontext zum jeweiligen Objekt direkt zugänglich gemacht. Ergebnisse von archäologischen Ausgrabungen (Grabungspläne) werden nach und nach eingebunden. Der Verbleib der Funde im Zentralen Fundarchiv Rastatt (ZFA) wird durch die Kombination zweier Datenbanken - Esslingen (LAD) und Rastatt (ZFA) - in ADABweb nachgewiesen.
frADAB_2011_NordJean-Philippe Droux - Erich LiebADAB NordInventory41664159Site-30000002016FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAIn der Datenbank ADABweb sind im Sommer 2009 rund 170.000 Objekte der Archäologie und der Bau- und Kunstgeschichte eingetragen. Der Erfassungsstand variiert in den einzelnen Landkreisen. Kombiniert werden die Kulturdenkmale mit den Daten der Automatischen Liegenschaftskarte, topographischen Karten in unterschiedlichen Maßstäben, landesweiten Orthofotos der Landesvermessung, den so genannten Urnummernkarten, das heißt den ersten Flurkarten aus dem 19. Jahrhundert, die zurzeit digitalisiert werden. Auch externe Datenquellen können per WMS/WFS eingebunden und visualisiert werden. Außerdem sind mehr als 40.000 digitalisierte Pläne und Gebäudegrundrisse aus dem Planarchiv der Denkmalpflege digital recherchierbar. Seit Februar 2009 werden sukzessive die Bilder des Luftbildarchivs des Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege digitalisiert und im Kontext zum jeweiligen Objekt direkt zugänglich gemacht. Ergebnisse von archäologischen Ausgrabungen (Grabungspläne) werden nach und nach eingebunden. Der Verbleib der Funde im Zentralen Fundarchiv Rastatt (ZFA) wird durch die Kombination zweier Datenbanken - Esslingen (LAD) und Rastatt (ZFA) - in ADABweb nachgewiesen.
frBrotschberg_2017Steeve GentnerBrotschberg, Habitat, Mobilier, ProspectionResearch4544Object-65001600FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCResults of surveys conducted in Haegen - Brotschberg - (67, Bas-Rhin) in June 2017.
This database is complementary to the operation report submitted to the SRA in 2017 called :
"S. Gentner, M. Walter, Les enceintes de hauteur du Brotschberg à Haegen et du Wuestenberg à Rheinhardsmunster (67), deux fortifications de contour du pas de Saverne, Prospection inventaire, Rapport 2017".The purpose of this database is also experimental, in order to test the potential of ArkéoGIS software at the site scale.
frBoucles de ceinture artefacts.momLizzie Scholtus - Michel FeugèreBoucles de ceinture en Gaule de l'Est issues de la base ArtefactsResearch357356Object-20500In progressContinentCC-BY-NC-SAExtraction of roman belt from the database in the east of Gaul
frCours cartes de confianceCharlène MorelAlsace, Carte de confiance, CoursResearch150149Site-65001491FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SADatabase created only for teaching purposes, don't use it !
frSites et indices de sites Paléolithiques d'AlsaceJean-Philippe Droux - Patrice WuscherSites et indices de sites Paléolithiques d'AlsaceResearch148121Site-3000000-9601In progressCountryCC-BY-NCInventaire des sites paléolithiques (donc sans le
mésolithique pour l'instant) récemment révisé et remis à jour dans le cadre
du PCR "Le Paléolithique et le Mésolithique de la Plaine d’Alsace et des
collines sous-vosgiennes. Reprises des données existantes, pistes pour
détecter les sites et approches territoriales" dirigé par Patrice Wuscher
frSources de matière première Lithique AntillesAlain QueffelecLithique, Antilles, Amérindiens, PétrologieInventory2625WatershedundeterminedundeterminedIn progressWorldCC-BY-NC-SAProspective deposits supply to carribean stone beads
frTable_Perles_Amérindiennes_Antilles_complèteAlain QueffelecLithique, Perle, Antilles, Amérindiens, PétrologieInventory13841383Object-4801502In progressWorldCC-BY-NC-SABeads from indigenous Carribean Culture
frSites de métallurgie du fer en LorraineAlexandre DisserArchéométallurgie, alliages ferreux, LorraineResearch1387503Site-8002016In progressCountryCC-BY-NC-SADatabase established within the frame of the research program led on archaeometallurgy of iron in Lorraine under the supervision of Marc Leroy (LMC IRAMAT-UMR 5060).
frCMorel_Thèse_AlsaceCharlène MorelGéoarchéologie, Kochersberg, Loess, Longue duréeResearch1849465Micro-region-65001500FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCThis database results from the compilation of Strasbourg’s Service Régional de l’Archéologie’s data. It’s part of a PhD research (at the University of Strasbourg) which aims to study human settlement on loess in the Kochersberg (Alsace, France) between the Neolithic (5000BC) and the 15th Century. All the sites haven’t been selected for the study. Those which couldn’t bring the necessary information have been removed. That includes: off site data, unlocated sites, sites with no datation or function, inconclusive surveys and some hoards.
frInventaire d'ouvrages miniers "anciens"Luca Banchetti - Alexandre DisserActivités minières, Ages des métaux, Antiquité, fer, argent, or, cuivre.Research792292Site-22002016FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAInventory created in 2008 and relying on the informations given by the CAG book series, PATRIARCHE (Ministry of Culture database) and yearly newsletter of the SAFEMM association.
deshkr_koord_test_gkLoup Bernard - Franziska FaupelGK3 = EPSG 5683Research76Site-8001In progressCountryCC-BY-NC-SAGK3 = EPSG 5683
deSHKRFranziska Faupel - Oliver NakoinzEisenzeit SHKRResearch98499848Site-2200580FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCIron Age SHKR, modified for ArkeoGIS. Some coordinates have been altered, and some sites are not present. Please check also original SHKR file.
frBase_MonnaieEneko HiriartBase monnaies de Gaule (en cours)Research2192321849Object-320-26In progressContinentCC-BY-NC-SAcoinage
frPédologie_GebhardtAnne GEBHARDTGeomorphologie, Pédo-archéologie, Micromorphologie des sols. Archéologie préventive, recherche programmée. Dynamique des Paysages agraires holocèneResearch118115Site-30000002016In progressCountryCC-BY-NC-SAGeomorphologie, Pédo-archéologie, Micromorphologie des sols. Archéologie préventive, recherche programmée. Dynamique des Paysages agraires holocène
frGabon_prehistoriqueLoup Bernard - Arielle BoussengaGabon, Préhistoire, Master 1 en coursResearch1714SiteundeterminedundeterminedIn progressCountryCC-BY-NCBase de travail d'A. Boussenga, M1 à l'Université de Strasbourg
frEnceintes_Rhin_Walter2016Loup Bernard - Maxime WalterSites perchés fortifiés de la partie nord des vosgesResearch16044Site-65001491In progressCountryCC-BY-NCHillforts of the north of the Vosges
frProspections_Bruno_Baudouin_RiezLuca Banchetti - Bruno BaudoinProspection, Alpes de Haute-Provence, territoire de Riez, ReiiResearch558557Site-65001789FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SADatabase based on the thesis of B. Baudoin "The city of Riez and its territory".
frPCR_Bouffier_et al.Loup Bernard - Luca Banchetti - Sophie BOUFFIERProspections, PCR, Marseille, Céramique, diachronique,Research248175Object-65001789FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAThis base corresponds to the prospections carried out under the direction of S. Bouffier, D. Isoardi and L. Bernard east of Marseilles and some of the next towns
frMarseilleveyre_2012_Delphine_IsoardiLoup Bernard - Luca Banchetti - Sophie BOUFFIER - Delphine IsoardiProspection, Marseilleveyre, CéramiqueResearch4945Object-65001789FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SADatabase concerning prospections of S. Bouffier and D. Isoardi. In the case of survey data, all sites are to be requested in "furniture / ceramics".
frFlorence-Mocci_Prospections_Verdon_2003-2006Luca Banchetti - Florence MocciVerdon, prospections, habitatResearch8685Site-65001789FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SABased on prospecting conducted by D. Garcia and F. Mocci. In the process of import, all the sites are filled in as "habitats", the detail of the inventory is in field "remarks.
frFlorence_Mocci_Verdon_1998Luca Banchetti - Florence MocciVerdon, Prospection, habitatResearch3935Site-65001789FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SABase corresponding to the surveys of 1997. The detail of the sites is in remark, in the state most of the sites appear as "habitat".
Intermediate Report of Operation of Multi-annual Thematic Prospection (1996-98): communes of Germany-en-Provence, Esparron-de-Verdon and Montagnac (Garcia - Mocci). CNRS-SRA PACA, 1997.
frFlorence_Mocci_Archéo_EcrinsLuca Banchetti - Kevin Walsh - Florence MocciProspection, Néolithique, Ecrins, Moyenne et haute montagneResearch118117Site-65001789FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAThis base is the result of prospecting and excavation in the middle and high mountains (1800-2700 m) under the direction of F. Mocci (CCJ, UMR 7299) and K. Walsh (University of York) between 2000 and 2013.
Some sites prospected between 1998 and 2000 and have not yet been incorporated into the database. The specific characterizations of the sites are to be found in the remarks field.
frArkeogis-v4_Merlan_Grégoire_2015Luca Banchetti - Grégoire MerlanMétallurgie, Fer, Scories, Gaule MéridionaleResearch631279Site-6500679FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SADatabase conducted as part of a master research on iron metallurgy in southern Gaul.
frArkeogis v4_Arbres_remarquables_Loup_BernardLuca Banchettitest, métadonnées en cours de complétionInventory631627ObjectundeterminedundeterminedIn progressCountryCC-BY-NCtest, métadonnées en cours de complétion
frArkeogis v4_Alexandre_Disser_2008Luca Banchetti - Alexandre DisserMétallurgie, France, mines, fer, or, argent, cuivreResearch789290Site-65001199FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAInventory of mining extractions listed in the CAG in 2008. Master's thesis under the direction of L. Bernard "Development of a methodology for the dating and characterization of ancient mining works, 2008, 2 vols.
frBase test requêtes chronologieJean-Philippe DrouxBase test requêtes chronologie (données fictives)Research1110Site-25719In progressCountryCC-BY-NCBase test requêtes chronologie (données fictives)
frOXALID Crete (Greece) extractQuentin Drillat - Zofia Stos-GaleOxford Archaeological Lead Isotope Database, Aegean Bronze Age, Bronze Age Crete, Crete, Archaeometry, ArchaeometallurgyResearch671670Site-3000330FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCOXALID database, Crete (Greece)
frCampagnes entre Moselle et Rhin dans l'AntiquitéAntonin Nüsslein - Jean-Philippe DrouxMonde rural, Établissements humains, Antiquité, La Tène finale, Rhin, MoselleResearch16551654Site-3201491FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SALes campagnes entre Moselle et Rhin dans l'Antiquité :
Gisements antiques et de la fin de la période laténienne répertoriés dans quatre zones d'étude (Entre Seille et Nied, Alsace Bossue/Pays de Bitche, Piémont vosgien, Basse vallée de la Bruche) et certains secteurs limitrophes.
frBronzes méridionaux en rapport avec le launacienLuca BanchettiBronzes, Premier âge du Fer, Launacien, Funéraire, Habitat, ProductionResearch909904Site-6500486FinishedContinentCC-BY-NC-SAThe inventory presents the so-called "daily" bronzes of the early Iron Age in the broad sense (including a fringe of hinterland and Catalonia) in relation to the phenomenon of the Launacien, but in all other archaeological contexts.
frFéliu_thèse_2008Clément FéliuAge du Fer, La Tène moyenne, La Tène finale, habitat, funéraire, Leuques, Médiomatriques, fortifications, oppidumResearch1181408Site-460449FinishedContinentCC-BY-NC-SAThis database takes up the catalog of my doctoral thesis on the "Leuques et Médiomatriques à La Tène moyenne et finale". It consists mainly of settlements, which have been the subject of a detailed study, necropoles, and other site indices.

The site ID refers to the number of the record in the catalog of my thesis, where the reader will find the bibliographic references specific to each of the settlements presented. It is available online:

The precision of the coordinates varies from a few meters to a few hundred meters; the coordinates to the centroid are fixed in the center of the village (church).
The state of knowledge "Literature" corresponds to the sites known only by the literature but also to the prospected sites.
frFibules_Nauheim_Artefacts.momLizzie Scholtus - Michel FeugèreFibules de Nauheim en Gaule de l'Est issues de la base ArtefactsResearch5453Object-150-26In progressContinentCC-BY-NC-SANauheim fibulae from the project in estern Gaul
frEPD (Extrait)Jean-Philippe Droux - Michelle LeydetPollens fossiles, analyses, carbone 14Research23291485SiteundeterminedundeterminedIn progressWorldCC-BY-NCPollens fossiles, analyses, carbone 14
frTrésors monétaires S-O Gaule/N-E Ibérie (2e AF)Eneko HiriartTrésors, Monnaies, âge de Fer, DépôtsResearch164163Site-260-26FinishedContinentCC-BY-NC-SACoin hoards from the S-W Gaul ant N-E Iberian peninsula (Iron Age)
frOXALID EGYPT ExtractJean-Philippe Droux - Zofia Stos-GaleOxford Archaeological Lead Isotope DatabaseResearch6968Site-8000-270In progressCountryCC-BY-NCOxford Archaeological Lead Isotope Database
frIFAO C14 Egypte (Base de test)Jean-Philippe DrouxAnalyses C14, sites archéologiques, EgypteResearch570569SiteundeterminedundeterminedIn progressContinentCC-BY-NC-SAC14 analysis, Egypt
frFibules_Nauheim_Striewe_Gaule_EstLizzie ScholtusFibule de Nauheim en Gaule de l'EstBook's transcript436434Object-15026FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAIl s'agit de l'inventaire des fibules de Nauheim et assimilées dans l'est de la Gaule, selon la thèse de K. Striewe en 1996
frHYDROMED puniqueIván Fumadó Ortega - Sophie BOUFFIERAménagements hydrauliques, citernesInventory7372Site-525500In progressCountryCC-BY-NCInventory of the published Punic cisterns from Carthage (Tunisia)
frOXALID extractLoup Bernard - Zofia Stos-GaleAegean Bronze Age (Bronze Age Archaeology), Archaeometry, and Archaeolmetallurgy.Research413376Site-8000399In progressContinentCC-BY-NCAegean Bronze Age (Bronze Age Archaeology), Archaeometry, and Archaeolmetallurgy. OXALID
frSites_bassin_versant_AnapodarisQuentin DrillatSites archéologiques, bassin versant Anapodaris, Crète, GrèceResearch181126Site-1430330In progressCountryCC-BY-NC-SACatalog of archaeological sites in the Anapodaris catchment (Crete, Greece) carried out as part of a Master's work supervised by D. Lefevre-Novaro.
frSites antiques du Massif calcaire de Syrie du NordJean-Philippe Droux - Catherine DuvetteMot clés : implantions rurales, habitat, églises, pressoirs à huile et à vin, bains, tombeaux, citernes, hellénistique, romain, byzantin, Massif calcaire, Syrie du NordResearch1349684Site-3001400In progressCountryCC-BY-NCKeywords : rural settlements, housing, oil and wine presses, churchs, baths, burials, cisterns, hellenistic, roman, byzantine, limestone hills, northern Syria
frBase_cruchesLizzie Scholtus - Cécile Plouin FortunéCruches gallo-romaines en AlsaceInventory213212Object-27400FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SARéférencement des cruches gallo-romaines présentent dans la base cruche hébérgée sur le site de la MISHA
frAntje_GillichLizzie Scholtus - Antje Gillichsites romains et médiévaux autour de FribourgResearch2295811Site-65001700FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCsites romains et médiévaux autour de Fribourg
frdendro_sites_ls001lisa shindodendrochronologie, Alpes, bâti, datationResearch5049Site8651970FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCSites studied with dendrochronology during my PhD, in the Southern French Alps
frSchieferberg_2016Steeve GentnerSchieferberg, Habitat, Mobilier, ProspectionResearch7271Object-8001789In progressCountryCC-BY-NCBase de travail des prospections sur et autour du Schieferberg
frdendro_sites_jle001lisa shindo - Jean-Louis EdouardDendrochronologie Datation Bâti Alpes Arbres Mélèze Pin cembroResearch2726Site7511991FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCDendrochronology studies of buildings in the Southern French Alps
frdendro_living_trees_ls001lisa shindoDendrochronologie Datation Référentiels Alpes Arbres Mélèze Epicea Sapin Pin sylvestre Pin cembroResearch147146Micro-region9332010FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCFrench Alps masters chronologies, various dendrochronological researchers
frMedMax. Mediterranean future sea level MaximumLoup Bernard - Matteo Vacchiradiocarbon dated Relative Sea-Level (RSL)Research649648SiteundeterminedundeterminedIn progressContinentCC-BY-NCThe first quality-controlled database constraining the Holocene sea-level histories along the Spanish, French, Italian, Slovenian, Croatian, Maltese and Tunisian coasts. In the framework of the MedMax project, we completed the review of 909 radiocarbon dated Relative Sea-Level (RSL) data-points along the western Mediterranean coast.
frPatriarche_68Jean-Philippe Droux - Georges TRIANTAFILLIDISPatriarche Haut-Rhin (68)Inventory1220610778Site-290000002016FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCPatriarche Haut-Rhin (68)
frPatriarche_67Jean-Philippe Droux - Georges TRIANTAFILLIDISPatriarche Bas-Rhin (67)Inventory1283910042Site-290000002016FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCPatriarche Bas-Rhin (67)
frTremblay Cormier 2013Laurie CormierMobilier métallique, typologie, Bronze final IIIb, Hallstatt, premier âge du FerResearch1405414053Object-1350-431FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCThis database is issued from a PhD defended in 2013 at the Université de Bourgogne, concerning cultural identities and exchanges in an area covering north-eastern France, western Switzerland, south-western Germany and Luxemburg. It contains an exhaustive collection of metal objects from Ha B2/B3 (BFIIIb) to Ha D3 (Ha final), without any distinction of archaeological context. The records are linked to the catalogue, which is now published in a monography at the Éditions Universitaires de Dijon.
frTombes de l'élite du Ha ancien en FranceLaurie CormierÉlite, épées, vaisselle métallique, harnachement, tumulus, Hallstatt, premier âge du FerResearch679676Site-800-620FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SADatabase issued from a synthesis of French elite burials, presented during the International Workshop of Leiden and Hamburg Universities "Connected Elites and Regions in the Early Hallstatt Period" in Leiden (19-20 novembre 2015). Selection criteria: weaponry, metallic vessel, harnesses, wagon pieces and/or gold objects. Two information levels: site (grave) and objects.
frHydromed_Monde grec orientalLuca Banchetti - Sophie BOUFFIERHydromed, monde grec oriental, aménagements hydrauliques, puits, citerne, latrineResearch219218Site-50014FinishedWorldCC-BY-NCDatabase on hydraulics layouts in the Eastern Greek world (for the moment, Délos, Albania, Alexandria) as part of the Hydromed project.
frMischka_2007Lizzie Scholtus - Doris MischkaRégion de FribourgResearch2622747Site-65001789FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SARégion de Fribourg
frRoscio 2011Laurie Cormier - Mafalda Roscioâge du bronze, funéraire, bronze final, typologieResearch57201558Site-1350-1051FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCDatabase issued from a PhD on the beginning of the Early Iron Age between the Parisian basin and Swabian Jura. The data is sorted by sites and graves, with a more precise description in the comments.
frTumulus Haguenau BrumathRémy WassongTumulus Haguenau BrumathResearch765764Object-2200449FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCEn cours
frArchéométallurgie des bronzes hallstattiensLaurie CormierBronze, Archéométallurgie, Composition élémentaire, Parure annulaireResearch142141Object-725-461FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCThis database is issued from a two-years post-doctorat which started in October 2014, financed by the F. Thyssen foundation and hosted by the RP Stuttgart, on the Early Iron Age bronze archaeometallurgy in the Upper Rhine Valley. The elementary composition of 64 regional ring ornaments and 3 metallurgical remains has been conducted in collaboration with B. Mille, in the C2RMF, using the PIXE method. The results of this study have been published in the following article: L. Tremblay Cormier / B. Mille, Étude archéométallurgique de parures hallstattiennes en alliage cuivreux du Rhin supérieur. Bulletin de la Société Préhistorique Française 2016, 113/4, 785-808.
frSchmid_Merkl_2012Lizzie Scholtus - Christiane Schmid-MerklVallée du Rhin, dépôtsResearch1917948Site-65001789FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAInventaire des dépôts dans la vallée du Rhin
frLanguedoc ProtohistoriqueLoup Bernard - Fabienne Olmer - Réjane RoureHabitat Languedoc âge du Fer Protohistoire amphore D1Research200199Site-300-1FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCBase de F. Olmer, R. Roure, R. Bohbot 2012
frProvence_Fer_Bernard2003Loup BernardAge du Fer Provence sites de hauteurResearch935195Site-725-26FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCHillforts from southern France (départements 13 & 84)
frSchmidt_2012_ReferenzgebietLizzie Scholtus - Christiane Schmid-MerklArchéologie vallée du rhinResearch25981757Site-6500799FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SASites d'habitats et funéraires dans la vallée du Rhin
frHydromed_EspagneLuca Banchetti - Sophie BOUFFIERHYDROMED, Espagne, aménagements hydrauliques, citerne, canalisationResearch130128Site-100014FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCData base on hydraulics layouts of the first millenium BC for the HYDROMED project.
frAtlas des Sites du Proche-Orient (ASPRO)Jean-Philippe DrouxAtlas des Sites du Proche-Orient (ASPRO), Epipaléolithique, Néolithique, ChalcolithiqueResearch32381783Site-16300-4201In progressWorldCC-BY-NC-SAASPRO is a database including about 2000 Near East archeological sites occupied between 16 000 and 4 200 BC.
frHydromed_Gaule méridionaleLuca Banchetti - Sophie BOUFFIERHydromed, Gaule méridionale, aménagements hydrauliques, évacuationResearch174173Site-60014FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCData base on hydraulics layouts in Southern Gaule during the first millenium BC for the HYDROMED project.
frHydromed_ Monde grec orientalLuca Banchetti - Sophie BOUFFIERHydromed, monde grec oriental, aménagements hydrauliques, puits, citerne, latrineInventory114113Site-50014In progressContinentCC-BY-NCData base of hydraulics layouts in cities of oriental greek world for the Hydromed project.
frHydromed_SicileLuca Banchetti - Sophie BOUFFIERHYDROMED , SicileInventory306304Object-80014FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCData base of hydraulics layouts in Sicilia for project HYDROMED directed by Sophie Bouffier
frMurgersLoup Bernard - Dominique Schwartzmurgers epiérrements paysageResearch3837WatershedundeterminedundeterminedIn progressCountryCC-BY-NCD. Schwartz list of "murgers/Steinrudel" in Alsace. Each point is an ensemble of features
frHabitats_Ruraux_HAD2-LTC1Charlène Morel - Muriel Roth-ZehnerAlsace, Habitats ruraux, Age du FerResearch289170Site-620-201FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCMuriel Roth-Zehner's database displaying the settlements in the Rhine valley between the Hallstatt D2 and the La Tène C1 periods.
frHabitats_BF3-AugCharlène Morel - Muriel Roth-ZehnerAlsace, Habitats, Age du Fer, AugustéenResearch527476Site-90036FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAhabitats du Bronze final IIIb/Hallstatt C à La Tène D2b/augustéen
Base de Muriel Roth-Zehner
frHabitats_LTC2-AugustéenCharlène Morel - Muriel Roth-ZehnerHabitats, Alsace, La Tène, Age du Fer, Période augustéenneResearch7047Site-20036FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAMuriel Roth-Zehner's database about the settlements in the Rhine valley between La Tène C2 and the Augustean Period.
frAlsace archéologiqueJean-Philippe Droux - Loup BernardAlsace patrimoine visitableBook's transcript6428Site-13501789FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAfrom the book : L'Archéologie en Alsace Association pour le promotion de la recherche archéologique en Alsace : sous la dir. de Geneviève Daud, Monique Voegtlin, Christian Jeunesse, Christian Voegtlin Association pour la promotion de la recherche archéologique en Alsace, 1991 183 p.- 4 p. de pl. en coul. , ill. , 30 cm. Cahiers de l'Association pour la promotion de la recherche archéologique en Alsace
frSchneider-2013Charlène Morel - Nathalie SchneiderSols, Analyses, Formations superficiellesResearch120108Site-65002016FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAAnalyses des sols et des formations superficielles.
Base créée par N. Schneider, INRAP
frALISACharlène Morel - Martine TrautmannAnalyses, Sols, Formations SuperficiellesResearch438132SiteundeterminedundeterminedFinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SASoils and surface geological analysis by Martine Trautmann from EOST, UMS830, CNRS/UdS.
frCMOREL_BDD_Master_v4Charlène MorelcfResearch417160Site-65001491FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCfert
frSuisse_habitats_CarrardLoup Bernard - Frédéric CarrardSuisse Habitats La TèneResearch261244Site-800449FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCSites (et plus particulièrement habitats) du second âge du Fer en Suisse (base de données de Fr. Carrard).
frWallanlagen_KarlsruheLoup Bernard - Günther WielandEnceintes, site de hauteur, Baden-Württemberg, KarlsruheBook's transcript19551Site-65002016FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAHillforts around Karlsruhe, from the book :
Christoph Morrissey, Dieter Müller mit Beiträgen von Günther Wieland
Vor- und frühgeschichtliche Befestigungen 27. Wallanlagen im Regierungsbezirk Karlsruhe
ISBN: 978-3-8062-2790-1
frGlas_Wagner_2006Loup Bernard - Heiko Wagnerverre, La Tène, bracelet, Schmuck, Glas, Baden-WürttembergBook's transcript220145Site-800449FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SABase issue de l'ouvrage de Heiko Wagner : Glasschmuck der Mittel- und Spätlatènezeit am Oberrhein und den angrenzenden Gebieten (= Ausgrabungen und Forschungen. Bd. 1). Greiner, Remshalden 2006, ISBN 3-935383-02-9 (Zugleich: Freiburg (Breisgau), Universität, Dissertation, 1998).
frHoffmann_2007Charlène MorelInventaire, AllemagneBook's transcript428254Site-65002016FinishedWorldCC-BY-NC-SAG. Hoffmann, Spuren Früher Zeiten, Funde und Fundstatten im Landkreis Rastatt, Verlag Regionalkultur, 2007.
frEpavesPhilippe JullienEmbarcation épaves mer lac riviereInventory10631062Site-3001600In progressInternational watersCC-BY-NCEmbarcation sea
esL_ValdesEneko HiriartHabitat âge du Fer péninsule ibériqueResearch5543Site-18001492In progressCountryCC-BY-NChillforts
frFunde und Fundstatten im Landkreis RastattLoup BernardProspection diachronie RastattBook's transcript383254Site-65002016FinishedCountryCC-BY-NC-SAtranscription de l'ouvrage :
G. Hoffmann, Spuren Früher Zeiten, Funde und Fundstatten im Landkreis Rastatt, Verlag Regionalkultur, 2007.
prospections, découvertes et sites dans le canton de Rastatt (BdW)
deHoehensiedlungen BdWLoup Bernardsites perchés, âge du fer,Research122110Site-800-26FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCIron age sites from the Baden-Württemberg, PHD Loup BERNARD 2003.
frHYDRΩMED Hydraulique en SicileLoup Bernard - Sophie BOUFFIERSicile HYDRΩMED aménagements hydrauliques eau puits citerne acqueducResearch309295Site-80114In progressCountryCC-BY-NCBase de travail de l'ANR HYDRΩMED
frMusée Saint-Dié et VosgesLoup Bernard - Lizzie ScholtusInventaire Musée St Dié instrumentum petits objetsResearch7877Object-6500799FinishedCountryCC-BY-NCtest on some artifacts from the museum in St-Dié