Students and researchers, the different possible uses of the platform and the different resources available are detailed in the pages of this manual.

  • Standardise and qualify to use and share your protected information
    • Import format, encoding, spreadsheet details corresponding to the shared ontology of ArkeoGIS….
  • Explore and exploit shared data
    • Legend of displays in ArkeoGIS .
  • Personalise your research project (thesaurus, chronology, etc.)
    • Join user communities to develop a thesaurus, add background maps, chronologies…
  • Access to online documentation
    • Tutorial, faq, …


To meet the specific needs of each project, the ArkeoGIS platform offers a set of interfaces for online and offline administration of the resources made available. This manual presents the operation of each of them.


All of the services offered are based on software tools maintained and updated with funding from various partners and on physical infrastructure provided by the CNRS’s TGIR Huma-num.