The characterisation terms indicated below are the exact wording to use in the language of your choice (FR DE EN ES) when filling the database you will upload. Each of the different characterisation in the furniture list must be individually described as « Exceptional » or not. You can use a « Yes/No » field in the CARAC_EXP column of the importation file.

The information (perennial identifiers, occurrences) presented for some of these concepts in the table below refers to the most accurate qualification of the line indicated:

  • The first column shows the number of occurrences for each entry (record) using exactly that terminology on the ArkeoGIS platform.
  • The ARK identifier (IDARK) is used to consult the PACTOLS presentation sheet on the partner platform Opentheso.
  • The AAT identifier (IDAAT) is used to consult the Art & Architecture Thesaurus© (AAT) presentation sheet made available by the Getty Research Institute.
  • In the DATASET column, the database names are listed in descending order of the number of occurrences present. Dataset are detailed (author, description, licence, etc.) on the index page of the online manual. 
16Undecisive DiagnosisSites du Néolithique au Haut Moyen âge, Erstein, Morel Master 2 (4), Schieferberg_2016 (4), Cours cartes de confiance (4), Schneider-2013 (3), ADAB_2011_Sud (1)
132Surficial geologyADAB_2011_Nord (61), Schneider-2013 (36), Patriarche_68 (11), Patriarche_67 (9), Pédologie_Gebhardt (8), ADAB_2011_Sud (6), Antje_Gillich (1)
13Surficial geologyDated paleochannel (10), Schmid_Merkl_2012 (3)
0Surficial geologyDated paleochannelUndocumented
0Surficial geologyDated paleochannelExtra-site
0Surficial geologyDated paleochannelIntra-site
28Surficial geologyPaleosoil (14), Schneider-2013 (13), ADAB_2011_Sud (1)
0Surficial geologyPaleosoilUndocumented
0Surficial geologyPaleosoilExtra-site
0Surficial geologyPaleosoilIntra-site
0Surficial geologyPetrology
0Surficial geologyPetrologyUndocumented
0Surficial geologyPetrologyExtra-site
0Surficial geologyPetrologyIntra-site
142Agrarian structure (79), Patriarche_67 (41), Patriarche_68 (9), ADAB_2011_Sud (9), Prospections_Bruno_Baudouin_Riez (3), Patrimoine des sites-aires et parcs archéologiques de Sicile (1)
7Agrarian structureUnknownPatriarche_67 (6), Patriarche_68 (1)
1Agrarian structureAgricultural RidgeSchneider-2013 (1)
0Agrarian structureRidge and furrow
0Agrarian structureEnclosure
0Agrarian structureLow wall
0Agrarian structureMurgers
1Agrarian structureMurgersUndocumentedMurgers (1)
2Agrarian structureMurgersOthersMurgers (2)
21Agrarian structureMurgersLimestoneMurgers (21)
1Agrarian structureMurgersGneissMurgers (1)
2Agrarian structureMurgersGranitMurgers (2)
10Agrarian structureMurgersSandstoneMurgers (10)
12Agrarian structureFossilized land-plotCMorel_Thèse_Alsace (6), Sites du Néolithique au Haut Moyen âge, Erstein, Morel Master 2 (4), Patriarche_67 (1), Cours cartes de confiance (1)
0Agrarian structureSteep field
0Agrarian structureAgricultural terraces