Steering Committee

Members of ArkeoGIS’ steering committee

  • UMR7044’s director or a representative of its choice : M. Humm
  • The project manager : L. Bernard
  • The engineers responsible for the project : J.-P. Droux
  • A representative for each UMR7044’s team (titular member or associate) : to define depending on the users’ communities

Steering committee’s missions

The steering committee’s roles are the followings:

  • Set up a scientific committee to validate each user’s community
  • Set up the users’ communities
  • Plan workshops and/or days of exchanges between the users
  • Validate the proposed yearly budget as part of the multiyear program and its execution
  • Be the privileged contact with the TGIR Huma-Num which is hosting the project
  • Set up the required assessment bodies
  • Approve the cooperation projects
  • Define the terms of use of the website
  • Define the terms of provision of the databases into NAKALA
  • Normalize the databases’ naming.