ArkeoGIS offers its users to choose in their personal project a main language to build and display the interfaces. Administrators can access an online translations editor. At any time, they can add and edit a translation for one of the platform’s interface elements.

langage editor
The menu on the left ("Domain") indicates the sections' and interfaces' name of the ArkeoGIS' app.
The administrator must select one of them on which he will intervene.
Two columns can be found on the right of the translations' interface.
The left column is called "language of inspiration":
The administrator can choose one of the languages to be guided during his translations. French is the first translated language from the computer code. The other available languages are English, German and Spanish.
The right column is called "translated language":
The administrator can choose the language in which he wants to make a translation. In this column, the pink background fields are those which have not been translated yet.
When the translation is done and saved, the background is white. They still can be edited by the administrator.
In the example below, the section "langeditor" is being edited. It means that the structure of the translations' interface is itself being translated from English to Spanish. Some fields are already translated (cancel and save), some others are still waiting for a translation.
The possible actions are:
Cancel : Won't save the last translations.
Save : Administrators must save the translations after the input to make them available for the users.
The information displayed on this screenshot is the one available on the ArkeoGIS’ app on the 1st of January 2017.