Users Communities

Users’ communities’ roles

The users’ communities have been created during the steering committee’s session on the 26th of September 2017. Their roles are the followings:

  • Deciding to give, or not, ArkeoGIS ID to new potential users.
  • Deciding on the evolution of ArkeoGIS ontologies.
  • Deciding on which database to embed firstly into ArkeoGIS.
  • Animating the community. For instance, proposing a selective mailing list to inform users when a new dataset is integrated.
  • Bring call for projects, colloquies or needed improvements to the steering committee’s attention.

ArkeoGIS’ existing users’ communities

Find share ArkeoGIS users world wide.

Ask questions, find answers and get in touch with ArkeoGIS’ users’ communities from the whole world. To achieve this goal, the following users’ communities have been created. Each of them is still recruiting new members.

From the UMR7044 (University of Strasbourg)

  • TEO : XXX (contact UMR),
  • Greece & Rome : D. Lefèvre (contact UMR), Q. Drillat.
  • Prehistory : C. Jeunesse (contact UMR), S. Diemer.
  • AMER : L. Bernard (contact UMR), C. Féliu.

Communities outside the UMR7044. Each of them needs an addressee towards the UMR7044 and the steering committee.

  • Palaeoenvironments : C. Morel, n XXX (contact UMR).
  • Spain : E. Hiriart, L. Bernard (contact UMR).
  • Media : T. Brunner, B. Tock, P. Heilporn (contact UMR).
  • Southern France : n XXX, L. Bernard (contact UMR).