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Fr shp Peoples of Gaul (limits)Jean-Philippe DROUX2023-12-19 16:492023-12-19 16:47Droux, Jean-Philippe et Fichtl, Stephan (2022) «Carte des peuples de Gaule» [Map] NAKALA. map of the peoples of Gaul, based on a vector map by S. Fichtl
Extent Roman Empire 200ADPhilippe JULLIEN2023-04-03 11:592023-04-01 09:56Ancient World Mapping Center. “Extent Roman Empire 200AD”. [Accessed: March 31, 2023 06:00am]. [Map] NAKALA. extent of the Roman Empire at the beginning of the **Severian era** and at the dawn of the **crisis of the 3rd century**.
Extent Roman Empire 117ADPhilippe JULLIEN2023-04-03 12:002023-04-01 09:32Ancient World Mapping Center. “Extent Roman Empire 117AD”. [Accessed: March 31, 2023 06:00am]. [Map] NAKALA. largest area of the Roman Empire (**5,000,000 km²**), resulting from the last great phase of expansion which took place between 101 and 117, during the reign of **Trajan**.
Following him, the emperor **Hadrian** pursued a more defensive and integrative policy.
During his reign, in several border regions, notably in Africa and Brittany, important fortifications were developed, often called **limes**.
Extent Roman Empire 69ADPhilippe JULLIEN2023-04-03 12:012023-04-01 08:35Ancient World Mapping Center. “Extent Roman Empire 69AD”. [Accessed: March 31, 2023 06:00am]. [Map] NAKALA. extent of the Roman Empire following the **first year of the four emperors** at the beginning of the reign of the **Flavians** in the year 69 of the Common Era.
Extent Roman Empire 14ADPhilippe JULLIEN2023-04-03 12:032023-03-31 16:26Ancient World Mapping Center. “Extent Roman Empire 14AD”. [Accessed: March 30, 2023 06:00am]. [Map] NAKALA. extent of the Roman Empire at the end of the **principate of Augustus** or Augustan principate at his death, and at the beginning of the reign of the **Julio-Claudians** in the year 14 of the Common Era (CE)
Extent Roman Republic ca. 60BCEPhilippe JULLIEN2023-04-03 12:042023-03-31 16:06Ancient World Mapping Center. “Extent Roman Republic ca. 60BC”. [Accessed: March 30, 2023 06:00am]. [Map] NAKALA. of the Roman Republic in the year of the formation of the first triumvirate. A private political alliance of **Julius Caesar** (Caius Iulius Caesar), **Crassus** (Marcus Licinius Crassus) and **Pompey the Great** (Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus) between 60 and 53 BCE.
Peoples of Gaul (names)Jean-Philippe DROUX2023-04-05 13:592022-12-16 12:20Droux, Jean-Philippe et Fichtl, Stephan (2022) «Carte des peuples de Gaule» [Map] NAKALA. of names corresponding to the peoples of Gaul (completes the map Fr Peuples de Gaule (limites)).
DARMC Roman Road NetworkPhilippe JULLIEN2023-01-28 08:462022-12-03 10:02McCormick, Michael; Huang, Guoping; Zambotti, Giovanni; Lavash, Jessica, 2013, "Roman Road Network (version 2008)",, Harvard Dataverse, V1-3303000/0shpThis file (version 2008) provides a portable digital version of the Roman roads identified in the Barrington Atlas, which users can view in combination with their own historical data. The DARMC data is disseminated and is intended for scholarly use. This file is provided "as is" and while every effort has been made to verify its accuracy, DARMC does not guarantee that it is free of defects. Some roads have been accurately geocorrected, but this dataset is not intended for high resolution spatial analysis.
**Credits**: Michael McCormick, Guoping Huang, Giovanni Zambotti, Jessica Lavash
A few points in time. 312 A.D.: the construction of the **Appian Way** marks the definitive conquest of Campania by the Romans.
118 A.C.: Construction of the **via Domitia**, linking Spain and Italy.
20-18 A.C.: Agrippa makes Lyon (**Lugdunum**) the focal point of the Gallo-Roman road network.
Fr ORTHO RVB 2016 AubeJean-Philippe DROUX2022-05-06 14:412020-09-17 18:23GéoGrandEst201620164/18wmsidentifiant GéoGrandEst : GGE ORTHO RVB Aube 2016
Fr ORTHO RVB 2014 MeuseJean-Philippe DROUX2022-05-06 13:482020-09-17 16:06GéoGrandEst201420144/18wmsGGE CRL ORTHO RVB Meuse 2014
EU-AF-AS vtr Roman aqueductsPhilippe JULLIEN2020-09-21 15:062020-03-02 16:04DARMC-HARVARD-10006402/18wmsLayout of the Roman aqueducts.
Talbert, Richard J. A. (ed.) 2000, Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, Princeton. DARMC Contributors: Nathaniel Donoghue, Kelly Gibson, Alex Medico More, Matthew Polk, Shane Bobyricki, Nathaniel Donoghue, Rowan Dorin, Kelly Gibson, Christopher Gilbert, Clare Gillis, Thomas Greene, Jakub J. Kabala, Duncan MacRae, Alex Medico More, Ricardo Salazar, Rubina Salikuddin, Ece Turnator, Ryan Wilkinson
Fr rst CassiniPhilippe JULLIEN2020-03-04 07:442020-03-02 14:15DARMC-HARVARD174418084/16wmsMap of continental metropolitan France drawn by the Cassini family, mainly César-François Cassini (Cassini III) and his son Jean-Dominique Cassini (Cassini IV) in the 18th century.
EU vtr Areas influenced or settled by VikingsPhilippe JULLIEN2020-03-02 16:082020-03-02 11:43DARMC-HARVARD79310662/18wmsAreas influenced or settled by Vikings Bengtson, Hermann and Milojčić, Vladimir 1995, Grosser historischer Weltatlas, 2, Munich, p. 13; Ditchburn, David and MacLean, Simon (eds.) 2007, Atlas of Medieval Europe, 2nd edn, London and New York, p. 55
Fr shp Bibracte Excavations 2010-2018Matthieu THIVET2022-12-26 09:532019-09-17 17:07Thivet, Matthieu et al. (2022) «Carte des interventions archéologiques 2010-2018 à Bibracte» [Map] NAKALA. of excavations
Fr shp Bibracte wallsLoup BERNARD2022-12-26 09:512019-05-16 17:25Thivet, Matthieu et al. (2022) «Carte du tracé des remparts de Bibracte» [Map] NAKALA. of the walls
Fr ORTHO IRC 2009 Bouches-du-RhônePhilippe JULLIEN2019-05-09 13:492019-05-09 12:17CRIGE-PACA200920096/18wmsOrthophotography 15cm IR 2009 Bouches-du-Rhône, Service de visualisation cartographique (WMS) du référentiel orthophotographique du CRIGE PACA
It vtr Geolithological continent-sardaigne-sicilePhilippe JULLIEN2019-02-21 17:032019-02-21 16:27Minambiente201920195/16wmsGeolithological map of Italy. Resolution 1:500.000. National Geoportal - Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea
It vtr geology SardiniaPhilippe JULLIEN2020-01-13 23:062018-09-14 09:39Rge Sardegna201620167/18wmsItaly geology of Sardinia.
WMS service for vector data region sardinia.
Fr rst slopes agri metropolisPhilippe JULLIEN2018-09-05 10:312018-09-05 10:25IGN201720175/15wmtsFrance, map of the slopes for agriculture on the metropolis.
Map of areas with a slope value greater than 10% - source: RGEALTI 2017 at the 5m step metropolis only - updated on 12/10/2017
This service allows the visualization of IGN raster data layers through a WMTS stream.
World vtr country borders 2018Philippe JULLIEN2018-09-05 09:352018-09-05 09:35AKG201820180/0shpWorld borders in 2018.
Fr vtr ZDH AlsaceLoup BERNARD2022-07-22 14:192018-08-24 17:58CIGAL/BDZDH200720084/18wmsThe geographical database of predominantly wetlands (Zones à Dominante Humide (ZDH)) was compiled by photo-interpretation of the Ortho IGN comic strip (2007 coverage of the Alsace Region, 2004 coverage of the Parc des Vosges du Nord and 2001-2003 coverage of the Parc des Ballons des Vosges) and SPOT5 images (two complete covers, one dating from September/October 2007 and the other from March/May 2008) throughout the study area (Alsace Region, Regional Natural Park of the Northern Vosges and Regional Natural Park of the Vosges Balloons). The study area represents a total area of approximately 10,842 km², the total interpreted area of ZDH is 2380 km². The BDZDH's right-of-way for the Alsace Region is 1953 km².
_CIGAL BDZDH 2008 1/10000 database of wetlands
Fr ORTHO dem 2011-12 AlsaceJean-Philippe DROUX2019-09-02 10:042018-08-24 17:55CIGAL201120125/18wmsDigital terrain model (all ground points) based on the digital elevation model MNE generated as part of the acquisition of the CIGAL RGB and PIR orthophotography (see the corresponding metadata sheets) produced from images taken from 27 June to 30 September 2011 over northern Alsace and from 25 to 27 May 2012 over southern Alsace. These 2-metre step data were used by InterAtlas to orthorectify aerial images. The work to eliminate overburden from the MNE was only partially carried out on the Alsace plain.
CIGAL MNT ORTHO shade 2011 2012
CIGAL dem alsace 2011 2012
Fr vtr geology Haut-RhinPhilippe JULLIEN2018-11-21 17:392018-08-23 18:39CIGAL201820186/18wmsFrance geological formations of the Haut-Rhin department (68).
CIGAL Charm Database - Geological formations 68
Service de visualisation Coopération pour l'Information Géographique en Alsace depuis la plate-forme CIGAL
Fr vtr vegetation metropolis overseasPhilippe JULLIEN2022-07-22 14:382018-08-22 16:55IGN201820184/18wmsBDTOPO-GEOPO-VEGETATION_WLD_WGS84G
This service allows the visualization of IGN vector data layers through a WMS stream
Fr ORTHO B&W 1950-65 metropolitan overseasPhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 09:032018-08-21 20:41IGN195019652/18wmtsFrance metropolis and overseas, historical aerial photographs 1950-1965 by this service which allows the visualization of IGN raster data layers through a WMTS stream.
Fr rst limites admin métropole outre-merPhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 20:232018-08-21 19:52IGN201820186/16wmtsFrance the administrative limits continuously updated by this service which allows the visualization of IGN raster data layers through a WMTS stream.
Fr rst état-major 1820-66 metropolitanPhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 17:492018-08-21 19:31IGN182018666/15wmtsStaff Map (1820-1866)
This service allows the visualization of IGN raster data layers through a WMTS stream
World ORTHO RGB 2015Philippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 20:232018-08-19 10:43IGN201520152/18wmtsWorldwide coverage by Aerial Photography
This service allows the visualization of IGN raster data layers through a WMTS stream
idsource : Aerial photographs
Fr rst relief metropolePhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-19 09:352018-08-19 09:35IGN201820186/14wmtsColoured relief from altitude, for metropolitan France and Corsica.
Ce service permet la visualisation de couches de données raster IGN au travers d'un flux WMTS
idsource Altitude
Fr rst cadastre metropole overseasPhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-30 11:312018-08-18 20:37IGN199020182/18wmtsCadastre of metropolitan and overseas France.
Visualization of IGN raster data layers through a WMTS stream
EU-AS ORTHO RGB 2011-13Philippe JULLIEN2018-08-03 11:252018-08-03 11:25Copernicus201120132/18wmsOptical VHR2 coverage over EU 2011-2013. DAP-ID: DWH_MG2b_CORE_03. DWH-ID CORE_003a (CORE_003b included). ------- Description dataset Land Monitoring service/Urban Atlas: An Optical VHR2 coverage over Europe EEA-39 (5.8 M km2 plus coastal buffer, together around 7.3 Mio km2) to cover the requirements of various services. The objective is to have a continuous update of image archive for reference mapping. ---------- MG2(b) Optical very high resolution multispectral: SPOT-5 at 2.5m pan-sharpened, FORMOSAT-2 at 2m pan-sharpened. Spatial Resolution VHR2 (2.5m pansharpened, 2m pansharpened) ---------- NOTE: This is a preliminary PROTOTYPE SERVICE and it can be interrupted at any time
id source : CORE_003 Mosaic, natural color composition, feathering applied to scene borders.
Ch-De-Fr ORTHO RGB 2007 Upper RhinePhilippe JULLIEN2022-06-29 16:352018-08-03 10:31GeoRhena200720074/18wmsSatellite image on the three Upper Rhine countries, Germany, France and Switzerland.
WMS service provided by GeoRhena with GeoServer
Ch-De-Fr vtr hydrography upper RhinePhilippe JULLIEN2022-06-29 16:432018-08-03 10:13GeoRhena201620165/12wmsHydrographic network of the Rhine from its source and in the German, French and Swiss valleys.
Map produced in 2016. WMS service provided by GeoRhena with GeoServer.
EU-AS rst relief coloured 2013Philippe JULLIEN2020-09-17 15:462018-08-02 19:51GWC-CIGAL201320132/18wmtsEudem30 reference frame colored relief background 2013 and water surfaces CLC 2000
EU-AS rst relief B&W 2013Philippe JULLIEN2022-06-29 16:472018-08-02 19:42GWC-CIGAL201320132/18wmtsEudem30 reference frame black and white relief background 2013
Référentiel Eudem30 fond relief noir et blanc 2013
Ir vtr geologyPhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 17:362018-08-02 19:35BGS-GSI201820181/18wms1:1,000,000 scale Bedrock and Structural geology of Iran. This map was compiled by: M.R.Sahandi and M.Soheili, with the contribution of S.Allah Madadai, A.Mohammadi Araghi, and R.Zabihi. The map was digitized and made GIS ready by: M.Sadeghi, T.Delavar, and A.Jafari Rad. Cartography by: A.Malek Ahmadi and M.Sadeghi.
id source : IRN GSI 1:1M bedrock geology
EU-AF-AS vtr states&borders +1450Philippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 17:292018-08-01 16:20DARMC-HARVARD145014501/18wmsPolitical division of Europe and the Mediterranean basin in 1450 ec
id source : Kingdoms (ca. AD1450)
EU-AF-AS vtr states&borders +814Philippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 17:292018-08-01 11:30DARMC-HARVARD8148141/18wmsPolitical division of Europe and the Mediterranean basin at Charlemagne's death.
id source : Kingdoms (ca. AD814)
EU-AF-AS vtr romans provinces +117Philippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 17:302018-07-30 09:08DARMC-HARVARD1171171/18wmsName and delimitation of the Roman provinces in Europe and around the Mediterranean basin in +117.
The Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations (DARMC).
id source Provinces (ca. AD117)
EU-AF-AS vtr roman roads BarringtonPhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 17:312018-07-30 09:03DARMC-HARVARD-274801/18wmsThis file provides a portable, digital version of the Roman roads identified in the Barrington Atlas.
M McCormick et al. 2013 - Roman Road Network (version 2008) date début et fin à confirmer
The Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations (DARMC)
Roman Roads
AF vtr geology 2016Philippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 17:412018-07-29 11:30CGMW-BRGM201620161/18wmsThe 1:10M-scale digital geological map of Africa data (2016) is made available as an OGC WMS service for your personal, teaching, research or non-commercial use. The Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW) and the French Geological Survey (BRGM) at all times retain the copyright in this material and you are not permitted, without an appropriate licence, to set up a service selling on this material. Your use of any information provided by CGMW and BRGM is at your own risk. CGMW and BRGM give any warranty, condition or representation as to the quality, accuracy or completeness of the information or its suitability for any use or purpose. All implied conditions relating to the quality or suitability of the information, and all liabilities arising from the supply of the information (including any liability arising in negligence) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
More information:
id source : AFR CGMW-BRGM 1:10M Geological units
Fr vtr water bodies metropolitanPhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-30 11:302018-07-29 11:04Sandre201820185/18wmsSandre (Service d'Administration Nationale des Données et Référentiels sur l'Eau) provides the French hydrographic reference system.
id source :Plans d'eau métropole
Fr vtr watercourse metropolisPhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-22 17:432018-07-29 10:59Sandre201820185/18wmsSandre (Service d'Administration Nationale des Données et Référentiels sur l'Eau) provides the French hydrographic reference system.
id source : Cours d'eau métropole
Fr vtr land use 1998 2000 VerdonPhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-30 11:292018-07-29 10:45PNR Verdon - CRIGE-PACA199820005/18wmsCartographic visualization service (WMS) of geographical data of the Verdon Regional Natural Park (PNR Verdon) operated by CRIGE-PACA
id source : PNR Verdon - Occupation du sol du PNR du Verdon - 1998/2000
Fr rst Tmax-moy 2015 PACAPhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-30 11:282018-07-29 10:33GeographR-CRIGE-PACA201520154/18wmsCartographic visualization service (WMS) of geographical data from the GeographR design office, operated by CRIGE-PACA
id source tmax_moy_annuel_26A
Fr vtr cadastre napoléonien VauclusePhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-30 11:262018-07-28 19:00Service WMS dpt Vaucluse181219304/18wmsCartographic visualization service (WMS) of the Vaucluse department databases (DEPT 84) France.
id source : Sections cadastrales du cadastre napoléonien de Vaucluse
Fr rtr cadastre napoléonien VauclusePhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-30 11:252018-07-28 18:52Service WMS dpt Vaucluse181219305/18wmsFrance Napoleonic geo-referenced cadastre of the department of Vaucluse - DEPT84
Cartographic visualization service (WMS) of the Vaucluse department databases (DEPT 84).
Fr ORTHO RVB 2017 Bouche du RhônePhilippe JULLIEN2018-08-30 11:222018-07-28 18:45CRIGE PACA201720175/18wmsFrance Orthophotography 20cm 2017 dpt Bouches-du-Rhône
Cartographic Visualization Service (WMS) of the CRIGE PACA orthophotographic repository
Fr rst LIDAR 2013 AlsacePhilippe JULLIEN2018-11-21 18:142018-07-28 18:26PAIR-CIGAL201320135/18wmsService de visualisation Archéologie Alsace, plate-forme CIGAL
id source : PAIR Inventaire LIDAR Alsace 2013
Fr vtr pedology 2011 AlsacePhilippe JULLIEN2018-11-21 18:242018-07-28 18:22ARRA - CIGAL201120115/12wmsService de visualisation Association pour la Relance Agronomique en Alsace depuis la plate-forme CIGAL
id source : ARAA Référentiel Régional Pédologique d'Alsace 2011 (1/250000)
Fr ORTHO RVB 2016 AubePhilippe JULLIEN2022-07-22 14:052018-07-28 18:03CIGAL201620165/18wmtsFR ORTHO RVB 2016 Aube
Fr ORTHO RVB 2015 AlsacePhilippe JULLIEN2018-11-21 18:332018-07-28 12:10CIGAL201520154/18wmsFR ORTHO RVB 2015 Alsace
Fr ORTHO N&B 1950 51 AlsacePhilippe JULLIEN2022-07-22 13:512018-07-28 11:58CIGAL195019515/18wmsCIGAL ORTHO N&B 1950 51 Alsace
De Sites KarlsruheLoup BERNARD2018-08-01 16:122016-11-23 15:48Univ Karlsruhe-5005000/0shpsomes sites around Karlsruhe