Participatory patronage

Every year, ArkeoGIS is developing new multidisciplinary projects which couldn’t exist without patronage and the support of our patrons. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can become of ArkeoGIS’ patrons and contribute to scientific research, help share and highlight environmental and archaeological data. Every donation is deductible from your taxes and make you a member of the recognition program of the University of Strasbourg’s foundation.

ArkeoGIS : why ? for whom ?

  • The pooling into the platform of information coming from different disciplines (archaeology, history, geology, environmental sciences, etc.) allows us to divide de costs. The data is also improved by it. Cela par une lecture pour tous plus riche des résultats de chacun.
  • Sharing multidisciplinary research’s results ensure their diffusion and safekeeping. It encourages the reuse and the improvement of the databases.
  • ArkeoGIS is also an online tool for analysis. It allows to query many spatio-temporal databases in four languages using a customizable interface.
  • Researches and students from more than 100 institutions coming from more than 10 countries freely (but safely) access the platform. ArkeoGIS is used for many scientific research projects. It is also used during classes and formations about numeric tools.

Projects eligible for patronage

Below, you can find the list of the projects chosen by the steering committee and the user’s communities. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us using this form.

  • MappingConnexion to external mapping servers. They allow users to add background maps (roman roads, soil maps, geological maps, etc.) to their queries and understand their results better or differently.
  • Data processing We are continuing our work related to ” Data visualisation in archaeology based on graph approach. Users will be able to visualize their query’s results as graphs or statistics in the new Visualization tool.
  • MappingImplementation of a 3D model allowing to see all the sites in their topographical position.
    • Spatial analysis: Calculation of the intervisibility between sites.

You are a company

Choose your project

We help you to choose the project corresponding to your company commitments. This procedure concerns not only territorial planners but also any company committed towards sustainable development.


You can optimise your action as a patron by communicating with your clients or the public, by mobilizing your staff on this project and by proposing them to join the event.

You are an individual

We can help you select the project matching your wishes. The University of Strasbourg’s foundation delivers a tax paper allowing you to deduce the donation for your taxes. You will also become a member of the University of Strasbourg’s foundation recognition program (see below).


To make a donation, read the recognition program and the tax benefits for individuals or companies, you can consult the ArkeoGIS project page on the University of Strasbourg’s foundation website (link below).

ArkeoGIS – Plateforme cartographique de partage et d’analyse pluridisciplinaires (archéologie, histoire, environnement)

From abroad

The University of Strasbourg’s foundation joins foundations from abroad to allow you to benefit from the tax deduction existing in your country
For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the University of Strasbourg Foundation.
By mail via  Fondation form
By phone: + (33) 3 68 85 13 10